How to Travel on a Budget

Let’s be honest, traveling requires money, and people that want to get away struggle to do so because they don’t have the necessary means to visit a destination that’s on their wish list. However, there is a way to travel on a budget that makes it affordable for nearly any person, no matter your income.

Here is a mini guide to travel on a budget that won’t deplete your bank account

Plan Ahead and Save

This might seem like we’re pointing out the obvious, but traveling requires money, and if you aspire to travel around the country or globe, then it’s important that you plan your trip ahead of time and start saving accordingly. The more you need to save, then the further along you need to plan your trip, that way you have the necessary time to put aside money that will cover for your trip.

You can save your money in a separate bank account that is only intended for savings. This should be something that you’re not tempted to use for regular purchases throughout the day, week, or month. If you have any extra cash at the end of the month, that should go directly to your travel savings account.

Purchase a Travel Credit Card

Travel credit cards are a great way to fly around the country on a low budget. The purpose of purchasing a travel credit card is to start racking up points by using the credit card on gas, groceries, meals, or even your mortgage. The more points you’re able to accumulate, the more discounts you’ll get on flights and hotels, which can save you big time in the end.

Travel Freedom has plenty of blog posts that discuss the benefits of travel credit cards, how to use them, and which ones are right for you.

Avoid Booking with Resorts

Resorts can quickly eat up your travel budget as they are often priced pretty high. Although the all inclusive packages are tempting, but let’s not forget that you’re traveling on a budget, and that means you have to make sacrifices. Resorts should be the first sacrifice.

Plus, when you’re traveling, you’re there to experience what the city, island, or country has to offer, not to be confined to the walls of your five star hotel. The best way to travel on a budget is to check out Air B’nB and find a local condo, apartment, or house to stay in that is centered around your planned activities for the trip.

Pass on the Taxi’s and Uber’s

Going with out a taxi or Uber and finding another means of transportation is a quick way to save a couple of extra bucks on your trip. Instead of spending money on transportation, you can walk, use public transportation, or even rent a bike for much cheaper than what daily cab fares will cost you.